Add a Photo

Submit a photo of yourself holding a sign that says: “#SaveNYC.” Let City Hall know what you want done to help save small businesses and cultural institutions in the city. Submit photos of your favorite small businesspeople — or your friends, family, pets, celebrities, whoever — holding up a #SaveNYC sign. (Photos with people preferred. Photos without “#SaveNYC” won’t be posted.)

Submission Guidelines
Please do:

  • Be sure your sign says #SaveNYC at the very least
  • Keep your captions short

Please don’t:

  • Submit news and announcements of upcoming closures
  • Submit photos of businesses without “#SaveNYC” in the photo–they won’t be posted
  • Attack people in your caption
If you’d like to make a video submission, click here.

Add a Photo

  • Add a photo using the "Send a Photo" field.